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Dawid Minnar Janine Ulfane - Photograher

About The Show

In the small backyard of a house in a shabby Port Elizabeth suburb, pots of aloe – the desert plant that can thrive in the most barren soil – bear silent witness to a world where trust has been betrayed and destroyed.

South Africa in the 1960s, Apartheid is at its height. Mandela’s ANC has just been banned as a terrorist organisation. Informers are everywhere.

Left leaning Afrikaner Piet and his wife, Gladys, hold a party for their mixed-race friend Steve who has just been released from prison.

But when mistrust creeps into your own backyard, the closest of ties are undone. Who has betrayed this group of friends? And why is one of them on a one way ticket out of the country?

Unseen in London since its UK premiere at the National Theatre 35 years ago where it was directed by Athol Fugard himself and won rave reviews, this new production directed by Janet Suzman marks the 25th anniversary year of the first free and democratic elections in South Africa.

Cast includes:

Dawid Minnaar        David Rubin        Janine Ulfane

Dawid Minnaar Headshot.jpg
David Rubin Headshot.jpg

Creative Team




Janet Suzman



Set & Costume Designer

Norman Coates​


A Million Freds Productions

Lighting Designer

Mannie Manim

Athol Fugard

Sound Designer

Rachael Murrary

General Management 

David Adkin Limited

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