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David Adkin Limited is equipped and experienced to provide bespoke consultancy, general management, and executive producing services to a wide range of theatrical productions and live events, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

We know that each production carries with it its own set of unique demands and needs. Our experience across more than thirty productions around the world poises us well to guide you through any and all elements of your production process – from the seed of an idea, through the development process, to opening night, and beyond.

We can:

  • offer advice, guidance and support at each stage of the production process

  • organise and manage development readings and workshops 

  • advise on rights proposals and agreements, license agreements, the appointment of creative team members and theatre agreements 

  • negotiate deals and issues contracts for the creative team and cast

  • draw up budgets and recoupment schedules, profit and loss forecasts, and key financial documents 

  • help you find the right venue(s) for the production

  • draft and design investment documentation

  • draft, design and distribute regular investor updates and maintain relationships with your co-producers and partners

  • plan production and technical schedules

  • oversee the casting process

  • oversee the recruitment of all production personnel 

  • help you engage the right press and marketing representatives and work closely with you to plan and supervise the campaign

  • advise on ticketing, pricing strategy and dynamic pricing; monitor and report on sales 

  • provide regular forecasts and financial reporting 

  • supervise the running and maintenance of the production

  • manage travel arrangements and visa applications for international artists 

  • advise on the future life of productions including live capture and broadcast opportunities, tours, transfers, subsidiary rights and international productions ​

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