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About The Show

Josh and Alex are a married couple in an open relationship. But after young Darius shares their bed for a night, a new intimate connection begins to form, and all three men must come head to head with one another’s notions of love, intimacy, and commitment.

Premiering in the UK after a multiple-extended hit run Off-Broadway, Afterglow is a ‘steamy stripped-down look at gay intimacy’ (Huffington Post).


‘a beautifully written, moving play. VERY highly recommended!’ 

London Theatre 1

Cast includes:

   Benjamin             Adi Chugh      Peter McPherson


                            Kane Surry

A very sexy three hander... totally absorbing – and a must see'

Boyz Magazine

Creative Team




Steven Kunis



Original Director

Tom O'Brien

S. Asher Gelman 


Adam Roebuck

Movement Director

Lee Crowley

Set & Costume Designer

Libby Todd


Aaron Quintana & Justin Coffman 


Anne Vosser

Lighting  Designer

David Howe

Sound Designer

Joel Price

General Management 

David Adkin Limited

David Adkin Limited | A Theatre Production & Management Company registered in England 8075666

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