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About The Show

How big a slice do you deserve?

A British financier and his wife host a lavish dinner party for their affluent American friends. The food is delicious, the conversation animated and dessert is on its way – when, from one second to another, the evening takes a sinister and alarming turn…

With dark comic moments and unexpected twists, this world premiere of Dessert, written by Oliver Cotton and directed by Trevor Nunn, is a powerful, thought-provoking play about wealth, greed and the lengths to which people will go to claim what’s theirs.


'Intelligent political discussion meets high-stakes drama... an exploration of wealth, worth and morality' 


‘Sparking debate with a gritty edge’ 


The Upcoming

Cast includes:

 Teresa Banham Alexandra Gilbreath  S​tephen Hagan



 Stuart Milligan    Michael Simkins    Graham Turner

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Michael Simkins - Spotlight colour - Ric

Creative Team




Trevor Nunn



Set & Costume Designer

Rachel Stone

Oliver Cotton

General Management

David Adkin Limited

Lighting Designer

Derek Anderson


David Adkin

Sound Designer
Sebastian Frost

Associate Producer

Adam Roebuck


Ginny Schiller CDG

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