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As Ed, a widower, prepares to celebrate Christmas, he calls his three grown sons back to the family home. Games are played, Chinese food is ordered, and brotherly pranks and trashtalk distract them from the on-going issue that threatens to ruin the festivities: when identity matters and privilege is a problem, what is a straight white man to do? Raucous, surprising and fearless—the ever-adventurous Young Jean Lee takes an outside look at the traditional father/son play narrative, shedding new light on a story we think we know all too well.

A Korean American playwright whose work revels in subversive explorations of identity, Lee compassionately investigates straight white male identity in a way that is as hilarious as it is revealing.

Due to play Southwark Playhouse from 27 May - 20 June 2020, Straight White Men has been postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cast includes:


Charlie Condou      Kamari Romeo




Kim Tatum

Creative Team


Young Jean Lee

Set & Costume Designer

Suzu Sakai



Steven Kunis



Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster

Lighting Designer

Jose Tevar


Lucy Casson


General Management
Alexandra Da Silva for

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David Adkin


Panorama Productions

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